Mask Policy

It is now required that you bring and wear a mask at all times when within the building, including the communal areas.

Please put your mask on before you enter the building, and refrain from removing it until you leave the building.

Try to remember to bring one, however don’t worry if you forget your mask. Clean, new disposable masks will be available for nominal cost if you arrive without one.

If anything needs to be discussed in detail prior to your treatment please let us know in advance and we’ll try to do this by telephone to reduce face to face contact.

Arrival Process

In order to best utilise the space available for social distancing, the waiting room is now the consultation room. When arriving, please wait in your car or outside the building and text Mary to let her know that you have arrived.

When the previous client has left and Mary is ready for you, she will text or call you to notify you to come to the front entrance to get buzzed in.


Please wear comfortable and loose fitting clothing.


Where possible, bring a card to avoid the handling of cash. For full contactless payments we encourage you to use Apple Pay on your iPhone or Google Pay on your Android phone.


In adherence with guidelines and to provide as safe an environment as possible, the treatment room will be fully disinfected and aired between every single client.